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28 June 2010 @ 01:22 am
ship meme; day eight most baggage  

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Shane: You're my best friend, you know that.

For anyone who really knows me, knows that I love these two to bits, reguardless of what happend in season six. They really were wonderfully done until the writers decided to fuck them up, but ANYWAY. Basically, their characters have baggage in their lives and with each other so, they win.

Day 01 - What's your favorite current ship?
Day 02 - What was your very first ship?
Day 03 - A pairing that needs to happen now?
Day 04 - The pairing with the most chemistry?
Day 05 - The pairing with the least chemistry?
Day 06 - The best kiss?
Day 07 - The most heartbreaking scene?
Day 08 - The pairing with the most baggage?
Day 09 - The most believable relationship?

Day 10 - Why aren’t these two married in real life?
Day 11 - What is your dream pairing?
Day 12 - Who had the best wedding?
Day 13 - What is your favorite television pairing?
Day 14 - What is your favorite book pairing?
Day 15 - What is your favorite real life pairing?
Day 16 - What is the absolute worst pairing?
Day 17 - A pairing you thought would never work out, but did?
Day 18 - What is the cutest pairing?
Day 19 - A pairing you’ve rooted for since the beginning?
Day 20 - The ‘can’t stand the sexual tension anymore’ pairing?
Day 21 - A pairing you like and no one else understands why?
Day 22 - A pairing you hate and no one else understands why?
Day 23 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out great?
Day 24 - A crazy love triangle/quadrilateral that worked out badly?
Day 25 - A pairing that was/would-be adorable, but could never work out?
Day 26 - A pairing that you hated and ended up loving?
Day 27 - A pairing that you loved and ended up hating?
Day 28 - A pairing that you will never understand?
Day 29 - What ship had the best proposal?
Day 30 - Your favorite ship forever and ever and ever!
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+Kayla: celeb. megan | you wouldbreakingsilence on June 29th, 2010 12:34 am (UTC)
WELL they decided to make them actually hook up and Jenny be in love with her etc etc, but after that they made it out to where Jenny was ~smothering Shane, etc etc, and then Jenny died. Yeah.